Frequently Asked Questions

How is my purchase affecting cannabis prisoners?

All proceeds from your purchase goes to the Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit organization that helps cannabis prisoners through legal intervention, advocacy, and rehabilitation projects.

Who are the people highlighted under the “Cases” section?

The cases are based on real data. Their names have been shortened for the sake of their privacy. We also allow members of the community to submit cases.

Can anyone submit cases?

Yes, if you know someone who is unjustly incarcerated for cannabis, you can submit their case to feature on the platform. The data will be reviewed internally to make sure that no offensive comments get featured. We will try our best to verify the information for correctness, but as this may take time, the unverified cases will be marked appropriately.

Where did you get all these numbers from? What are your sources?

We sourced all data from publicly available databases and articles. You can learn more here.

I can’t legally buy weed. How can I contribute?

You can still contribute to the cause in many ways. Learn more here.

I’m a grower or a retailer. How can I take part in the initiative?

You can sell your product with the Freedom Grams label to collect donations for the cause. Get in touch via for more information.

What happens if someone who was featured gets released and/or their case gets expunged?

This is, of course, the goal of the initiative. Should this happen, we will gladly remove their data as soon as we’re notified of the same.

My case was featured by someone else, and I would like to have it taken down. How can I do this?

You can request erasure of your data by contacting us via

Who can I speak to about the progress of the initiative?

We’d love to tell you more! Write to us on

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