Uniting the cannabis community to restore justice.

Each pack of Freedom Grams contains the exact amount of cannabis that someone is still in prison for. All proceeds go to Last Prisoner Project who fight for the release of cannabis prisoners and overall criminal justice reform.

Freedom Grams brings together various stakeholders:

It unites the industry because it’s an open-source brand. Anyone can use our labels to turn their product into Freedom Grams.

It connects consumers and the convicted to remind the privileged ones of those who paved the way.

Let’s end cannabis injustice together.

Founding Partners

All proceeds go to Last Prisoner Project a non-profit dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform.

AROYA is a cultivation management platform specialized for cannabis. They believe in using data to empower consumers.

GABY Inc. is one of the largest cannabis retailers in the California market. Mankind is one of their flagship dispensaries, selling ethically grown and sourced cannabis products.

Supported by

Mankind Dispensary is one of the oldest licensed dispensaries in California. With deep roots in the California cannabis community, Mankind is the flagship dispensary of GABY Inc.

Dewey Cannabis Co. is based in Pullman, Washington, in the heart of the beautiful Palouse, with a commitment to create unique sustainably grown and pesticide-free cannabis products.

Ball Family Farms is the first vertically integrated, black owned, commercial growing facility in Los Angeles. One of the first recipients of a social equity license, BFF is committed to providing premium cannabis products.

Become a partner

Any grower or retailer can use our label to support the release of cannabis prisoners. To know more, contact us via marketing@addium.io.

Freedom Grams is a not-for-profit. Our partners ethically source their products, which have been tested for the highest quality. Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.
License Number: C10-0000494-LIC

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